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Hello! We are DESIVA

Steel furniture manufacturers from Poland

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About us

Solving everyday problems of storing and displaying objects is our favourite activity! Our users’ every need is given a modernist makeover. This is how we define our style – modernism in a contemporary sense.

The slogan form follows function is still relevant for us. To this philosophy, we add our love for color and the belief that being in a well-designed space has a positive effect on our well-being.

Our furniture is environmentally friendly. Steel is a recyclable material. We know it very well and in our designs, we use materials of the highest quality so that the furniture we create can serve its users for many years. We are not guided by trends – we want to create timeless design.

At DESIVA we create furniture whose design has been developed with great attention to every detail. We design furniture so that it is functional, long-lasting, and aesthetic. A wide range of colours makes our furniture fit into any space and their simple form adds lightness.

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