Customized furniture – design with us!

Are you tired of tours of stores with cabinets, chests of drawers and bookcases? Decide to take advantage of the offer of our company, which creates furniture to size. Each order is fully adapted to the client’s expectations – both in terms of length, width and height, as well as the purpose (not to mention the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors), thanks to which it perfectly meets the needs . What more could you ask for from a good design?

The best choice – custom-made furniture

Our goal is to design modern furniture for the living room, office and other rooms, which will be characterized by a simple and light form, bringing freshness to the selected space. We also care about high functionality and aesthetics of workmanship – such features translate into the possibility of long-term use and ensure a high degree of satisfaction. For this reason, we chose durable steel – no other material for the size will do so perfectly!

Make your dream of the perfect cupboard, bookcase or table come true with us! Each custom-made furniture design can be fully adapted to your expectations and the space in which it will be used – in terms of dimensions, purpose and colors. Do not hesitate, order today and enjoy the unique and elegant effect that our metal proposals will provide in your interior!


What will the purpose of your furniture be? Where will it be standing? Send us a projection of your apartment or just write in what dimensions we should fit – and we will do the rest!


We will prepare 3 different concepts for you in sketches – on their basis, we will decide which concepts we develop.


After determining all the details, we will prepare a 3D model to make sure that the dream of the perfect piece of furniture will be fulfilled.


We come to you, we assemble the furniture, adjust the drawers – and you can enjoy a well-designed and well-made piece of furniture.